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Originally bearing roots in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Good Dear Good brings their East Coast heritage to their name. Commonly known as a greeting on Cape Breton Island, “good dear, good” is a simple response to “how are ya?” that emulates the kindness and lighthearted aura each member puts out into the world. Their vibrant and emotional lyrics on top of harmonious pop-rock melodies take us to the dark depths of the Atlantic while the sun shines a beam straight to the ocean floor. Each player is a pillar to equally support a sound that is living, breathing and above all — good. 

In June 2023, Good Dear Good released their self-produced debut EP "Arrival", which is nominated for Pop-Recording of the Year at 2023's Music Nova Scotia Awards. Arrival draws on themes of navigating mental health struggles in a broken system, being unapologetically alive, and dealing with the crushing weight of love and life. This is the band's first release under Lulo Music Group — an emerging indie label based in Dartmouth that was born out of the NSCC  Music Business program.

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